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Conception to Implementation with Craig & David Homes

We like to think of it as a life experience upgrade. Whether you’re building a house from the ground up or pondering a much-needed home-improvement project, Craig & David Homes can help you make it special. From New York City to Los Angeles, we’ve designed, built, and renovated dozens of homes — spec builds that sold for record-breaking prices and a variety of projects for clients that met their specific requirements while exceeding expectations in the process. Continue reading to learn how we can work with you — in a piecemeal, consulting capacity or by guiding your project through completion.

Planning It

How C&D Homes can partner with you to conceive and plan your project:

Making It Happen

How we help implement the plans to build your dream house — or make it even better:

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Our shared experiences helped us figure out that we were as good at doing business together as we were friends, so it was logical to team up and work together in Los Angeles real estate sales and development. Contact us today to start your home searching journey!

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