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Los Angeles is a city of singe-family houses spread out over a sprawling geography. Our traditional concept of a “city” is of a central core with very dense housing and an avoidance of cars. Clearly this is not L.A. That said, the rising cost of housing, along with concern for the environment, leads one to conclude that the traditional Los Angeles model needs to be reassessed. The city needs to increase density to provide housing for the ever growing number of people who live here. Of course, the nature of that housing must change — not everyone can have a back yard — nor does everyone want one. People need to live closer to their work and a growing transit system.

This project sought to help in this effort by replacing a 1920’s duplex in a great location off Melrose Ave adjacent to West Hollywood, with eight (8) condo units, one dedicated to affordable housing. Taking advantage of the city’s push to incentivize developers to build more densely in certain zones, in the past a development of this type would not have been permitted.

Eventually, C&D Homes sold this property, with the plans and permitting status, to an another developer.

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