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An HPOZ Renovation in Sunset Square

We are excited to be working with a property owner to renovate a pre-World War I house located in the Sunset Square Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ). This house was previously on the market for a while in the fall of 2020 as a C&D Homes listing, but it is now a new design and management project for us. The property has enormous potential but will require significant structural and cosmetic upgrades. Properties located in HPOZs come with many restrictions when additional build-out or renovation is desired. However, challenges can produce opportunities and we are looking forward to them.
Any type of building or significant renovation to property always requires some level of permitting to meet relevant zoning and building requirements. This process, though, is significantly more arduous when proceeding in an HPOZ. In June 2021, we finally received approval from the city to move forward with the project. We’ll continue to keep you informed about this journey.

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