Swipe Right and Sell: Q&A with Architectural Photographer Anthony Barcelo

Swipe Right and Sell: Q&A with Architectural Photographer Anthony Barcelo

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+ The Malibu home of billionaire philanthropist Eli Broad (photos: Anthony Barcelo/Barcelo Photography)

Listing photos are like dating profile pictures. Want a buyer to “swipe right” when checking out your listing? Professional photos make it look bigger — and better — and that’s what sells. Craig and David Homes understands this, and we work with some of the best professionals in the Los Angeles to make it happen for all of our clients. That inevitably involves the coveted talents and services of Anthony Barcelo, owner of Barcelo Photography. He and his team regularly capture the homes of LA’s rich and famous including those of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Eli Broad, Katy Perry, Sylvester Stallone, and Ryan Seacrest — just to name a few (see photos on this page).

All of the marketing we’ve done for clients, in recent years, has been bolstered by the stunning work of Barcelo Photography. So, in keeping with the focus of our Q&A series, which highlights the creative people that we’re fortunate to collaborate with, we present this brief discussion with Anthony.

Q: Anthony, how did Barcelo Photography come to be? Kindly describe your company’s scope of services?

Barcelo Photography was born seven years ago, the result of passion meeting opportunity. I was a real estate assistant at the time, with an interest in photography. I offered to photograph the listing of a colleague, and fortunately, the success led to a series of referrals which evolved into the business I have today. Presently, we offer a full range of media services including interiors photography, commercial, video, aerial, virtual tours and even virtual staging.

+ The Beverly Hills Home of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi (Photos: Anthony Barcelo/Barcelo Photography)

Q: How do you approach projects and what are some of the considerations? Could you describe an aspect the work you do that might surprise people? What goes into producing a great photo/video session?

I love a collaborative approach, so I do my very best to involve my clients in every aspect of the shoot. In fact, clients — agents and sellers — are provided an iPad livestream of my camera’s viewfinder during each photo session, so they can see every shot come to life. This is probably my favorite part: collaboratively deciding on a given shot while discussing the pros and cons of an angle. Ultimately, our goal is to attract the most amount of buyers to a listing, so I provide clients a prep list. This gives them all the best tips for getting the property photo-ready, ahead of my arrival.

+ The Beverly Hills Home of Ryan Seacrest (Photos: Anthony Barcelo/Barcelo Photography)

Q: Could you talk about the work you’ve done for C&D Homes? You can be totally honest… ;)

I love C&D Homes! You guys were among the first clients to give me an opportunity when I began my business, so I’m eternally grateful for the leap of faith. I love the attention to detail you guys devote to every shoot — each one is like an Architectural Digest shoot. As of late, you’ve been featuring your dogs in various listing photos. I think this is a fun and effective way to infuse lifestyle into the marketing of a home.

+ 820 N Vista St — designed, built, and sold by Craig & David Homes (Photos: Anthony Barcelo/Barcelo Photography)


Q: Can you describe your ideal client(s)? How you would like them to think about photography and video — and its potential benefits?

My ideal client is kind and generous. Someone who respects my craft, but most importantly my time. When a client has prepared for the photography session ahead of time, it often contributes optimal results.

When it comes to photography and video, I would like them to think of it as a critical tool in attracting potential buyers. Capturing great images will maximize their buyer pool. Sometimes that means, not capturing everything, rather the most important elements of a home. For example, a client may want to focus on a sprawling stairway in the entryway of a home. It may be beautiful, but it’s wise to consider the message it will send. What story does focusing on that feature tell? Sometimes, less is more.

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