Solidifying Beauty: Q & A with Sol Tile & Marble

Solidifying Beauty: Q & A with Sol Tile & Marble

Sol Tile & Marble (ST&M) has consistently delivered high standards for our tile and stone installation projects, including substantial portions of 820 N Vista St (represented in the two rows of photos in the middle of this page), which is why we thought they would be a great subject for a Q&A this week. We tend to use a lot of tile in our homes — from bathrooms to patios, powder rooms and staircases. Choosing the right tile is as important as laying it properly. The tile installation and grouting needs to be precise to create the kind of finish that we want to achieve. A good example is the mitered corners on bathroom wall tile and shower curbs — this is a tricky technique that requires a talented & experienced craftsman.While skill is important, so are project deadlines. Our experience working with ST&M has proven that they understand this. They have always come prepared to meet those deadlines with the right number of craftsman to deliver on time.

Q:Describe what Sol Tile & Marble is about and how you approach projects? What distinguishes your work from your competitors?

For 20+ years, we feel we’ve helped create some of LA’s most beautiful and unique, residential and commercial spaces. Luxury home builders, developers, and general contractors seek out Sol Tile & Marble for our exceptional quality craftsmanship and integrity. We continue to demonstrate our ability to fabricate and install tile and stone — standard and large format — including dramatic showcase elements associated in luxury home building. From the early planning stages, we begin by working closely with our clients to carefully understand the challenges and details of each project. This allows us to translate our clients’ specific needs into real solutions for even the most unique and complex building elements. Throughout the project, we provide visibility into our process through with clear estimating, contracts, invoicing, project documentation, and project updates. We are always up on the latest industry innovations and evolve our process to improve the quality of each finished product.Each project is a puzzle and has unique opportunities or limitations that, say, an Interior Design doesn’t have. For example, I need to consider how the site is sloped, what direction (related to sun) it is facing, the draining and soil compaction, existing vegetation, and the architecture of the house. Then, I conceive of what’s actually possible based on the client’s asks. These are just a few of the factors that inform how a project unfolds.

Q:Could you talk about the work you’ve done for C&D Homes? Process?

We’ve had the opportunity to do the tile and stone work for two ground-up construction homes in West Hollywood with C&D Homes, both with a very streamlined and almost flawless process. Not only were they gorgeous homes, we had a great time working with Craig & David. They knew what they wanted, how they wanted things to turn out, and were open to our input.

Q:Describe your ideal clients and how would like to work with them. Does Sol Tile work with mainly builders or homeowners? How does the work for each play differently, if at all?

Our ideal clients are those who can meet us with a high level of communication — we really want to understand and meet their needs — while also understanding the importance of flawless tile and stone installation and attention to detail. Most of our clients are high-end home builders, developers, and general contractors, but we also work with a small amount of homeowners on selective projects. The type of work, quality, and service we provide for a home builder is the same that we would give homeowners, however, we take a tailored approach with each client to better suit their needs. Some homeowners, for example, might need help understanding and designing a project, while our home builders usually have everything planned out and ready to go.

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