Five Best ROI Home Improvements for Your Home

Five Best ROI Home Improvements for Your Home

It's well known that Los Angeles continues to be one of the country's most robust real estate markets. Fantastic year-round weather and great shopping, dining, and entertainment activities are just a few amenities residents enjoy. Ocean lovers appreciate the beautiful beaches near the area and the extensive list of available water activities, including fishing, kayaking, parasailing, and so much more. Community members also enjoy the nearby mountains, which provide occasions for hiking, biking, camping, and gazing upon magnificent views.

Because the region is so popular, the housing market remains competitive. Quite a few sellers can expect their houses to move quickly, even as they command a considerable sales price. Despite this, other homeowners may encounter a different scenario. While the reasons for this vary, one of the most common explanations for why a seller may have difficulty selling a residence is because the home or landscaping requires extensive updates. Many buyers find this off-putting and will continue searching for a move-in-ready property.

One of the best things you can do before listing your property is to walk through every part of your home’s interior and exterior as if you were visiting for the first time. For each area, you should consider whether it's move-in ready, requires cleaning and organization, or could benefit from more extensive updates. Viewing your house from a potential buyer's perspective will clarify which undertakings will result in the best return on investment (ROI) for a given home improvement project.

#1. First impressions

A potential buyer's first impression begins with the exterior of a residence. Replacing a house's front door is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to give a tired front entrance new life. The same goes for garage doors. If they look worn, homeowners should consider replacing them or at least giving them a refresh with new paint or stain. Sellers should also review the landscaping around their property. If the landscaping is overgrown, tired-looking, or nonexistent, it deserves a refresh.

In L.A. and the surrounding region, some sellers may be able to sell their houses faster if they replace any wood-frame windows. Replacing worn windows with energy-efficient windows lowers utility bills and is a great selling feature. Some L.A. residences may also benefit from an upgrade to a new siding material, such as fiber cement or vinyl siding. Depending on the current exterior's age and condition, an investment in a new siding material may be worth the extra cost.

Some sellers may go ahead with a roof replacement project to replace a roof in obvious disrepair. This is because an outdated roof is likely to slow down negotiations. A new roof is a large expense, and most buyers will likely ask for a price decrease or credit before moving forward with the sale.

#2. The main entrance

Once inside, the main entrance should entice potential buyers to want to explore more of the home. Walls, trim, and closet doors should look clean, fresh, and move-in ready. Typically, a light, neutral-colored paint translates well to most buyers. Even if the current homeowner prefers a bold or dark paint color, they must remember that their goal is to make a home's interior appeal to the greatest number of buyers.

#3. The interior

During a walkthrough, most buyers will pay extra attention to all the flooring throughout a house, so any carpeting or tile should be clean, fresh, and unworn. Hardwood floors are very popular in L.A., which means they can add a lot to the ROI. If a home is fortunate enough to have hardwood flooring, it should appear in good shape. If not, professional refinishing is a great way to restore them to their original luster.

#4. The kitchen

Kitchens are an important, yet very personal, area of a dwelling. Before sellers move ahead with a total remodel, they'll want to consider whether the finished product will attract more buyers to its specialized decor and other features associated with a custom new kitchen.
Most experts say a minor kitchen update will provide a higher ROI, more so than an expensive custom upgrade. You can accomplish this using a neutral paint color for the walls and/or cabinetry. Outdated, worn-looking appliances should be replaced. Any clutter, such as a toaster, a mixer appliance, or a coffee maker, should be stored away to make countertops seem more spacious. A portable kitchen island is a great way to add additional counter and storage space if there's sufficient space in the room. A kitchen island, in a contrasting color or texture from the rest of the room's features, can also provide visual interest.

#5. Outdoor living areas

People live in L.A. because of the gorgeous weather year-round. This means people expect to enjoy all the outdoor space around their dwelling as much as its interior. Adding or sprucing up an outdoor deck is a popular way to increase a homeowner's ROI.

People like to entertain and relax outdoors during the day and the evening, so it's helpful to ensure there are shady spots for daytime and plenty of illumination for the evening hours. This will make outdoor areas feel as if they're simply extensions of a residence's interior. Strategically placing furniture around the outdoor areas for dining and entertaining will help buyers reflect on how they want to experience the space. The attractive furniture, along with a few comfortable pillows or rugs, will help make the exterior portions of a house as inviting as the interior. The extended living area will help buyers view the home as having more overall space.

Enlisting help from real estate experts

From the initial decision to put a home up for sale to the final closing appointment, selling a property can be a somewhat demanding process. Enlisting the aid of real estate experts, however, can turn a challenging process into an intelligent, organized, and ultimately very profitable endeavor. Both Craig and David of Craig & David Homes possess extensive knowledge of what it takes to successfully prepare a property for sale in the L.A. area.

They can help streamline the preparation and selling process, so homeowners can transition to their new dwelling as quickly and easily as possible. If you're getting ready to sell a property in L.A. or the surrounding region and have questions about the best way to complete such a project, David and Craig would love to hear from you. Please visit the Contact Us page on their website and give them a call or email.

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