7 Best Places to Shop Near Hancock Park

7 Best Places to Shop Near Hancock Park

The Hancock Park neighborhood itself is almost 100% residential, and it’s well known locally for its preserved 1920's and 1930's character. Hancock park is very centrally located which allows for close access to shops in each direction. Here are some nearby shopping choices that make life better! 

1. Apex Fine Art

N. La Brea Ave. 152

New residents of Hancock Park will want to visit Apex Fine Art as they bring their style to their new home. Apex Art specializes in 20th-century art, primarily focusing on Hollywood photography, architecture, and photojournalism. Their artistic works are a natural choice for homes in Hancock Park.

Apex Art hosts a variety of special art exhibitions throughout the year, along with permanent exhibitions by some of their gallery artists. Apex Art's professional art staff is available by appointment for private consultations. They also offer advanced artwork search services for clients seeking specific pieces to add to their collections.

2. East Meets West Antique Quilts & Americana

160 N. La Brea Ave.

One look at this boutique's dealer web page at 1stDIBS and people will understand the shop is aptly named. The items offered represent the best of 20th-century America, from the East Coast to America's western edges. Americana enthusiasts will appreciate the efforts to curate the finest classic American antiques from all parts of the country. From authentic Navajo Indian art pieces and beautiful Roseville Pottery to original artworks and furniture pieces created by A. David and A.F. Rasmussen, which became very popular in 20th-century America, East Meets West offers many one-of-a-kind decor pieces.

3. Larchmont Village

223 N. Larchmont Blvd.

Located near the world-famous Wilshire Country Club, Larchmont Village has a beautiful mix of boutique shops featuring men's, women's, and children's clothing, shoes, and accessories. The Village also offers a bookstore, an eyewear boutique, cosmetic and skin care shops, and an outlet to purchase musical instruments such as cellos and violins. Visitors can also select from various restaurants and dining options nearby.

4. General Quarters

153 S. La Brea Ave.

General Quarters has earned an excellent reputation for its casual men's clothing inventory. It has curated the best accessories and men's clothing pieces that exemplify the iconic Southern California heritage style. The staff at General Quarters is always friendly and helpful and is noted for offering next-level customer service. Their premier level of service is likely one of the reasons why people love this establishment's vibe.

5. District La Brea

101 S. La Brea Ave.

This small outlet offers a youthful, hipster feel and is home to various exciting shops and special events. The outlet includes high-end furniture shops, a shop that features high-performance equipment for climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts, a men's sportswear shop, a sneaker shop, several restaurants, and more.

6. Nathalia Gaviria: Black

7403 Melrose Ave.

This designer specializes in high-end, runway-style clothing for special celebrations or parties. Nathalia's entire line is created by hand by local fashion artisans. Clients who purchase one of Nathalia's designer pieces know they'll make a singular fashion statement, as all the pieces from her line are limited editions. The Nathalia Gaviria line offers both men's and women's fashions.

7. Rick Owens

819 N. La Brea Ave.

Runway fashionistas will love browsing all the latest fashions at this designer shop. The environment is sophisticated yet serene, and all the staff is friendly and helpful as they impart their extensive fashion knowledge. The shop carries both women's and men's clothing lines, as well as options for teens. Although not necessarily on display, the shop also coordinates the sale of some of Rick's other designs, such as furniture, accessories, and art pieces. Rick occasionally hosts interesting parties at his designer store, which are as fun and unique as the designer himself.

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