6 Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Home Staging Tips

6 Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Home Staging Tips

If there's one city that captures the quintessential vibe of the world-renowned "California lifestyle," it would be Los Angeles. Featuring epic sunsets enjoyed by millions, interesting sights and sounds that are unique only to LA, and so much more, there's simply no other place that offers such a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. Upon visiting, many people are captivated by LA's fantastic year-round weather, along with its endless list of cultural and entertainment sites, including museums, music festivals, stunning botanical gardens, and more.

Those who decide to move to LA have an abundance of options from which to select their dream home. Home to a wide variety of architectural styles, LA's rich and diverse architecture only adds to the eclectic, relaxed feel of the region.

With so much demand for housing throughout LA and the surrounding region, it would seem that almost any place would sell immediately. Even so, there is so much unique architecture from which buyers can choose that selling a place in LA remains competitive. Even the most well-cared-for residences can benefit from a targeted refresh. With just a few intentional improvements, sellers can easily push their homes to the top of the stack of houses for sale.

Declutter before listing

First-time sellers often assume that the decluttering process comes after the sale and just before the moving process. However, the ideal time for decluttering a place is before it's listed for sale. Not only will early decluttering help to streamline the moving process, but the removal of excess items and personal memorabilia markedly improves the look and function of an area. Removing excess items from countertops, closets, the tops of furniture pieces, and walls helps free up space. In turn, the additional space naturally makes a room feel larger. Removing personal photos, awards, certificates, and similar personal mementos helps potential buyers focus on how they will utilize a space rather than viewing the personal aspects of the current owner’s life.

Deep clean the home

When people live in a space, they tend to become accustomed to living among dusty objects, a few crumbs on the countertop, or fingerprints on windows and screen doors. The current homeowners may not even notice these seemingly minor flaws, but potential buyers will see all these small flaws right away. A thorough cleaning of any carpet or tile, as well as other types of flooring, along with draperies, windows and doors, mirrors, dusty baseboard trims, and any appliance filters, will freshen the appearance of a house and improve the air quality in it as well.

Low-cost items can lead to a big payoff

Simply investing in a few new items to replace old, faded, or stained items can transform the appearance of a residence. Sellers should replace old, tired-looking rugs with new ones. They should also replace worn kitchen and bath towels, along with any that don't smell clean and fresh even after laundering.

If a set of towels has an outdated color or pattern, it's best to buy a new set, preferably in a neutral tone, so they won't distract buyers. Simple items, such as a set of pillows, can add texture and visual interest to a room. In addition, a strategically placed textured throw blanket on a sofa or a bed can help a room feel cozy and inviting.

Check the lighting fixtures and light bulbs

Busy homeowners tend to forget to replace light bulbs that no longer function. When they do find the time to replace a worn-out light bulb, they sometimes discover the replacement bulb doesn't provide enough light. They may learn to live with the less than ideal illumination, but potential buyers will notice that some areas seem dark and gloomy. Ensuring that all light fixtures and bulbs in the house are working and providing helpful illumination is an easy, inexpensive way to potentially highlight some of the house's best features.

Touch-up, clean, or repaint

After removing clutter and personal items from a wall, the next step is to fill in any nail holes. Local paint store professionals are great resources for advice on how to expertly fill in nail holes, as well as how to carefully feather touch-up paint to restore an area to its original appearance.

If there are minor scuffs or grime on any paint, sometimes a clean cloth infused with a bit of soap and water is enough to remove the damage. If wall paint is excessively dirty or if a room's paint color is simply too dark or bold to appeal to the typical buyer, it's best to repaint the entire room. Talk to the professionals at a local paint store for advice on how to select quality, reasonably priced paint in a neutral color that will appeal to most buyers.

Don't forget outdoor living areas

If you frequently use an outdoor living space, then it must be a great feature, and it's important to highlight it. All of the above DIY home staging tips can be applied to outdoor living spaces as well. A thorough cleaning of outdoor living areas, replacing any tired-looking outdoor furniture cushions, and removing clutter, will make an outdoor space seem like a natural extension of a home.

Reviewing all your home's landscaping is important as well. Trees, shrubs, and flowers should be tidy and well-pruned of any overgrowth or dead foliage. If your property has little in the way of attractive landscaping features, consult with a landscaping expert for tips on how to improve the appearance of your lawn and gardens.

Remember that first impressions can be the difference between your home being considered a contender and being overlooked. Be sure to check for spider webs, litter, and yard debris, such as grass clippings, around all the exterior entrances to the house, especially the main entrance.

Is your home ready to sell?

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