365 S Hudson Ave

365 S Hudson Ave

One of the grandest Tudors in Hancock Park, this home has also been a favorite backdrop for Hollywood movies.

Let’s start on one of the most important blocks in Hancock Park – the 300 South block of Hudson Avenue. People often ask me: what is “the best” of this or that…well beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Who can say what is the best? Even Craig and David don’t always agree. Regardless, it is quite obvious that this block was conceived for the wealthy’s larger estate homes based on the huge lot sizes here. The standard is 100 feet wide by 330 to 400 feet deep, some even larger. Another great feature are the very pronounced berms — a signature feature that distinguishes Hancock Park from most of “flat” Los Angeles. The explicit curve of the block is picturesque — a meandering lane in the heart of L.A. Parcels of 30,000 square feet or more were of course perfectly suited for pools and tennis courts — living the LA dream.

One house on this block that I love is 365 South Hudson. “Hollywood” loves the house, too. Notably, 365 appeared in the original 1960’s TV show “The Fugitive.” It has also served as the backdrop in the films “The 2130,” “Goodbye My Love,” and ”Maid to Order” (1987).

Getting back to the house itself, 365 S Hudson St is one of the grandest Tudor-style homes in Hancock Park, clocking in at about 9,400 square feet. Built in 1928, it has 8 beds and 9 baths. Sited on a plated parcel and a half, it has an exceptional frontage of about 150’, totaling a full acre, plenty of room for its pool and tennis court.


The current owners have been there since 1986.
Their purchase price: $1,900,000. And, today,…

Socialite Marion Kerckhoff Holmes hired architect Jonathan Ring to design her house in the “English Style”, and he certainly delivered. The design is beautiful – brick with lots of classic stone detail, along with what I assume is the original slate roof — lovingly maintained. The facade is a great lesson in Tudor design: several front facing gables, mixed materials (brick, stucco, stone, and carved wood), and irregular leaded glass fenestration. A double height bay window is complimented by numerous clustered chimney stacks. Simply, a tour du force.

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