Craig and David are real estate agents, but also wear a few other hats.  We are experienced house flippers, developers, architectural, and interior design consultants. Working with us in any capacity offers clients the opportunity to benefit from all of these related skills.

Over the last 20 years, here in Los Angeles and in New York, we each have purchased and renovated numerous properties, together and independently. David and Craig have also consulted on renovation and design projects.  Although not a licensed architect, David has conceived and actually drawn the plans for most of the projects with which he has been involved with, ultimately saving tens of thousands of dollars in design fees for clients. Craig has an amazing bargain-hunting ability, which he puts to work to create client savings wherever possible.


Consulting Services

Craig and David Homes is available to assist clients in many phases of their quest for the perfect home. This includes:

  • Identifying the right land on which to build, or the right house to renovate;
  • Conceiving the house, planning it, and drawing it;
  • Hiring and coordinating with the licensed architect and engineer to secure permits;
  • Finding and hiring the right contractor for the job;
  • Assisting in the selection and sourcing of materials;
  • Managing the building process;
  • Serving as a general “voice of reason” in a very complex process.

Clients may choose a la carte from this menu. Our goal is to save each client’s money, time, and aggravation. Not all people building a custom designed house need the full range of architectural services. Typically, architecture fees run anywhere from 10% to 20% of the total construction costs of a project, and architects are well entitled to this fee level. They spend a great deal of time understanding the tastes and needs of their clients, translating them into a design — then spending a great deal of time on the more mundane work of drawing and project management. David and Craig’s experience eliminates the need for the most costly phases of the architectural work. Sometimes using consulting services is the cost effective way to go, but we are happy to talk with you about what will be your best route.


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