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MDLLA (Part 1 of 5): The Search for a Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles – Quest for a Home

MDLLA (Part 1 of 5): The Search for a Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles – Quest for a Home

I recently had the fun experience of appearing on an episode of Million Dollar Listing L.A.  — exciting for any real estate agent in Los Angeles. How this came to pass is a story that has many fun and valuable learning points for anyone who watches the show, and/or is looking to buy a house in Los Angeles.

If you’ve browsed this website, you know it is filled with lots of history, architecture, and their confluence. The reason I have devoted the time and energy to presenting this information is to differentiate myself from most of the realtors in town, by illustrating my passion and knowledge. My hope is that in today’s technology driven world, where most home searches start on the web, and where sellers also use the web as an information source, that prospective clients will find me.

One day, I received a voicemail from a lovely sounding woman. She explained that she and her family lived in New York, but after a dreadful winter, they wanted to buy a house in Los Angeles. She said they might relocate at some point and had been looking at houses online for some time. She further explained that she was becoming more serious about her search, and recognized the need for a Los Angeles-based realtor, so she took to the Internet. Her specific “thing” is historic architecture, and more specifically French style houses. So, that is what she searched for: a real estate agent in Los Angeles specializing in historic French style houses. She found my website on the first page of her search results, perused the site and knew she found her agent. After speaking, it was clear to me that we were a great fit for each other — indeed her passion for houses matched my own.

What were the specific parameters of her search? Well, it was a rather tall order, and in my opinion nearly impossible to accomplish. As a native New Yorker myself, I am very familiar with some of the unrealistic expectations New Yorkers possess about the Los Angeles real estate market. Indeed, you get much more for your money here in Los Angeles than in New York City — but it is not as cheap as people from N.Y. often think.  Land is a very precious commodity here, and the amount available in the heart of the city is very limited.  Los Angeles may not literally be an island like Manhattan, but in some figurative ways it actually is.

Back to her wish list: 30,000 square foot lot, 4,000+ square foot 1920’s or 1930’s era, 4+ bedroom house, with pool, views, and in the French Country or French Norman style, with a budget around $2 Million. Frankly, even if the budget was three times that amount, it may have been a challenging search — there simply aren’t that many French style houses from that period in Los Angeles, let alone meeting all the other practical requirements. But a good real estate agent in Los Angeles does not burst a buyer’s bubble. Instead, and this is very key:  the goal is to educate and allow people to come to their own conclusions about what their dollars can really buy, what are their must haves, and what are the compromises they can comfortably make.

David Lubell is a Licensed California Real Estate Agent (BRE# 01928231) with Keller Williams. Learn more about David by reading his bio. Reach out to him via email or call him directly at 323-272-3222.


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