Behind the Door – Relationship Building in Real Estate

Door Knocking is relationship building in Los Angeles Real Estate - Craig & David Homes

These past few months have proved to me that the job of a hard-working real estate agent is multifaceted. So let me tell you about the underbelly of real estate sales that is rarely talked about. You won’t hear about it on Million Dollar Listing or HGTV — it’s not glamorous or fancy but it is key to relationship building. It’s the dreaded door knocking; old school, petal to the metal (or asphalt, in this case) “please don’t slam the door in my face” sales. I justify it the same way Leno or Fallon may do small comedy gigs here in LA: sure they are huge mega stars, but you gotta keep it new, fresh, and hip there’s a need to try out new material. This is what’s in my head.

Despite the prospect of rejection that is an inescapable part of this activity, I’m happy to report that my recent experience has actually been pretty good. I have been doing it with my partner, David Lubell, and that has made it much more enjoyable.

There are three things that really stuck with me from our experience door knocking in Larchmont / Windsor Square last week:

  1. Learning how many lovely elderly folks there are who are caring for their spouses.
  2. Discovering that most people are genuinely nice — like, way nicer than I am when people come to my door.
  3. Recovering from the whiplash I got when a door slammed in our faces, powered by SIR CRANKY MAN in the gray house that smells like soup. That aside, we may have found a buyer for a potential seller we met on the same street. So this may just be working for us.

Taking the time to talk to people in the neighborhoods we work has made us better agents. We’re sincerely thankful for the opportunities that people have granted us to sit down with them in their homes and on their front porches. Most of these encounters will never result in obtaining a client, but making new friends and gaining a better understanding who and what we work with benefits our clients in the future. It’s “relationship building” at its core.

When you hire an agent, look for the one willing to go the extra inning, the longer yard, the 2nd encore, thinks outside the box, and figures out how to make it rain even during a dryspell.  #sellitnow, #craiganddavidhomes, #makeitrain.

Craig Spano is a Licensed California Real Estate Agent (BRE# 01971165) with Keller Williams. Learn more about Craig by reading his bio. Reach out to him via email or call him directly at 323-486-7786.