A Friendship Becomes a Business: Craig and David Homes

A Boston – New York – Los Angeles Tale

David Lubell & Craig SpanoHow did the real estate team of David Lubell and Craig Spano come to be?  Glad you asked. Grab a cup of coffee (which we both love), sit back, and read a bit more.

Long before listings, sales, open houses, negotiations, and thinking about how to achieve excellence for clients — we were friends. Friends from 20 something years ago, we met in Boston right after college and have remained good friends through all these years. We have always had plenty to talk and laugh about, including a shared interest in real estate.

Over the decades, we each have had our own development projects as well homes of our own that we always seemed to be renovating, buying, and selling. As many of you may know, renovations require lots of patience and support from family and friends. “Who’s your contractor?” “Do I spend $10K on a Sub Zero when I can spend half that and have a fridge with a TV in the door?” “Why can’t I have a garbage disposal?” Along with countless other “what should I do” type questions that we might lob to each other. So we have both been around the block a few times when it comes to buying, selling, construction and renovation of properties of all kinds.

Many years in New York City working around Wall Street will teach you a few things about business, people, and the art of getting it DONE — and getting it done FAST! We both know our business backgrounds and varied living experiences have well prepared us for the challenges Los Angeles realtors face. We tell this story because we believe that our friendship gives us an edge over the competition from which our clients can benefit.

Years ago, before Craig earned his real estate license, David was his agent on numerous transactions.  One transaction in particular became the catalyst for the Craig and David team. Craig bought a house that he invited David to help develop. Ultimately, we both designed and built a new home from the ground up. The end result was well worth it — the house turned out great, and our friendship was only strengthened — we enjoyed the accolades from the neighbors. We transformed what was uniformly considered the worst house on the block, to the nicest.

Our shared experiences helped us figure out that we were as good at doing business together as we were friends, so it was logical to team up and work together in Los Angeles real estate sales and development.

We are true believers that two heads are better than one. We have different perspectives, but really know how to listen to each other and clients. David lives in the flats, and Craig lives in the Hills. David is more the architectural purist, Craig the more modern practical one. The partnership is all about compromise and reminding each other that no matter what happens, our clients are #1. Our East Coast backgrounds enable us to better understand “bi-coastal” folks — and the many of us that are LA transplants — without missing out on anything that established Los Angeles natives need. These unique skills and perspectives allow us to deliver value added results for our diverse client base.

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