I Love It, I’ll Take it!! – Confession of a Los Angeles Real Estate Agent

The object(s) of Craig's love - a confession of a Los Angeles Real Estate Agent

I’m not sure if this will be blog post will be helpful to my career as a Los Angeles real estate agent. That said, I have a confession to make. All but two of my real estate purchases were impulse driven.

Yes, I had been out shopping, stumbled onto a new construction apartment building in New York City. Another time, I was out on a Sunday drive in New England and found a house on a lot I loved — and I called the agent right then and there.

In both of these examples, I wasn’t even in the market for a new abode; I just saw the right property and began thinking about how I could contort my current financial and living situation in such a way that I could buy them, sell my old one and be happier there.

Don’t get me wrong, I never signed on the dotted line with my grocery bags in-hand. I thought about it, did lots of research, and ultimately consulted with my trusted real estate agent. Only then, did I “do the deed” — signing the purchase and sale agreement. All of this would take place in two to three days. Is this an oddity? I don’t know, you tell me.

Honestly, it’s really worked for me! I never regretted any of my real estate purchases. I’ve loved every house I’ve ever bought and I’ve been fortunate to never lose money selling them either.

I know it’s going to happen again, it’s a given. As a Los Angeles real estate agent, I’m perpetually looking all the new great properties coming on the market and examining those that are selling. It’s not for everyone, but I fully embrace my spontaneous property purchasing addiction.

Craig Spano is a Licensed California Real Estate Agent (BRE# 01971165) with Keller Williams. Learn more about Craig by reading his bio. Reach out to him via email or call him directly at 323-486-7786.